The Office that Overslept The Office that Overslept

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We all know what happens when we oversleep. But what happens, if your office oversleeps? Lester and Wesley Magoogan know the answer.

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  • Tanya
    16.06.2010 23:21

    This is my favourite video of the 4 featured. It is great!
    I like the drawings and the voices.
    I think that the pace is good and it made me laugh. . . it was excellent entertainment and I like to be entertained.
    I thought that it was really interesting and clever that the boss was called Boiling Mad! Very funny!
    Thank you

Lester MagooganLester Magoogan

Lester MagooganLester Magoogan

Lester Magoogan is a young man with a unique perspective on life. The world and people around him are captured in his simple but evocative line drawings, which bring a smile...

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