Amazing Awards and Other Great NewsAmazing Awards and Other Great News

31.08.2011, OskaBright 

By Sarah Watson

Hi everyone, l hopes thing  have been well with you.

Welcome to this Oska Bright blog.

Today we had Julia MacNamara from disability art in London who joined in today.

We made a new whole business card because our current business card is bit out dated so we as a group decided to change it. As a group we learned more about the third rule when you are designing work for print, taking photos and making films.

We are sending an Oska Bright film screening to be shown at AbilityFest in India – WOW! We hope that this will mean that more learning disabled film makers in India get to hear about Oska Bright.

Beacon Hill asks Oska Bright that they wanted us to join us a partner on their new Interface Project so we said yes.

Simon shows us some samples of Digital media so give us understand of it is and some idea.

Some of us are going to visit Digital Media shows in:
•    Western Rd, Brighton
•    BFI on South Bank, London
•    Chester
•    Liverpool

Andy Kee showed us his best ever Oska Bright Awards. They are of  a director chair - which he just completed. These Awards are amazing! There is a picture here that shows some of Oska Bright group behind awards and not forgetting Andy. There are seven awards which Andy has made.

We hope you enjoy our great news and read next blog every soon.

Bye Bye

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