Markéta Lajdová Markéta Lajdová

Markéta Lajdová Markéta Lajdová

Marketa was born in a time when it wasn't normal to send expectant mothers for ultrasound examinations, so nobody picked up on the fact that she had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. It was a pair of forceps that saved her life during birth. Forceps, which were banned at that time and had caused many women permanent damage. At school she found languages easy though she took a risk in doing maths for her leaving exam, because she didn't know if she might not want to study economics at university. Successfully getting onto a journalism degree course finally proved to her that she didn't. Marketa lived for a time in Australia as well as France where she developed an addiction to hiking and good cheese and where she went to the cinema up to four times a week. She often uses her foreign stays to justify the fact that it's taking her a wee bit longer to finish her university studies. So far she's only managed to get a Master's degree in Media Studies at Charles' University. She has many interests including foreign languages, travelling or media of all sorts. Of course she loves films and often laments that she knows less about it than she would like. She has an acute fear of snakes (including the slow-worm, which isn't even a snake).

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