Ilona LabuťováIlona Labuťová

Ilona LabuťováIlona Labuťová

Ilona comes from a small village not far from Pardubice and was born in the same year when archeologists discovered 8 thousand life-size soldiers in the tomb of the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang. After junior school Ilona left for Smetana's Litomysl and her future career took on a pedagogical bent. In her professional life she has moved between teaching, social work and the theatre. Five wonderful years were spent as a producer in Divadlo Sklep theatre, then Ilona turned everything on its head and jetted off to India to teach for six months. She travelled through many other countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America before returning to work in social services and multicultural education for six years. Last year in October she completed the first international drama therapy training in which the circle was completed by joining theatre with education and therapy. She has brought her love for theatre to Inventura and along with our actors plans to conquer the boards, because all the world is a stage. Outside of theatre she loves film, her husband and his photography.

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