Otto KouwenOtto Kouwen

Otto KouwenOtto Kouwen

Otto was born in a small town on an island far away in the Netherlands. His first big love was Pippi Longstocking – an Uebermensch with the appearance of a child, as Astrid Lindgren herself described her. His mother was an angel and his father an artist, so no wonder he later ended up in jobs on the borderline between social work and creativity: first in the Duha day care centre, later in Inventura. From Pippi and Nietzsche it was a small step to punk, squatting and anarchism, but he was disappointed by the fact, that punks, squatters and anarchists have their own conventions and conformity. He was longing for a revolution and when one broke out on the other side of Europe, he didn't hesitate and went after it. He is much older now and likes to think he is much wiser too. Besides his job in Inventura he works as a personal assistant for people with disabilities. As a visual artist he has made paintings, graphics, mechanical sculptures and fashion design; at the moment he is mainly making photographs.
He likes books, paintings, tai chi and sincerity. He loves his wife Alice, his daughter Helenka and life in general.

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