Radek HlaváčekRadek Hlaváček

Radek HlaváčekRadek Hlaváček

Radek was born 49 days after the first Czechoslovak cosmonaut made it into space. He didn’t allow this unbelievable coincidence to affect him and his studies a jot and decided to enrol in a down to earth economics program. Radek later realised that this wasn’t the best choice of his life, so was saved from an economist’s life by deciding to go abroad to see the world. Radek started seriously dabbling in photography and social work during several stays in the UK and the States. As well as that he also visited many other of the world’s countries, not only out of wanderlust, but to take part in various projects. After many years spent out of the Czech Republic, the main message of the proverb ‘East, West, home’s best’ hit home and he decided to head back to his motherland to use the skills he had amassed. As well as Inventura, where to the delight of his colleagues he is spending more and more time, Radek continues to work on various projects. He has taken photos for many news agencies as well as doing portraits and other photographic jobs.

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