Hana VochocováHana Vochocová

Hana VochocováHana Vochocová

Hana was born on April Fool's Day in a small village north east of Pilsen because her mother refused to give birth in either Prague or Pilsen like she had with Hana's elder brothers. No surprise that no one believed her father had just had a daughter when he turned up for work late that day. His colleagues all knew him as a joker who loved April fools. When they rang up Pilsen hospital, they conformed that no one of that name had been born there that day. They only believed her father the next day when he continued the 'joke'. This is probably the reason why Hana now cries 'I'm here! My whole life I've been an accountant and accounting and Inventura belong together. I'm in Inventura.' At the time when she wanted to go to university her parent's 'bad' class background was emphasised, so she did not get a chance to study teaching - she wanted to focus on physical education. This love of movement has remained with Hana, she practises qi gong and teaches yoga.

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