Linda JablonskáLinda Jablonská

Linda JablonskáLinda Jablonská

Linda was born on the same day as Woody Allen, but a few years later. Although she has never reached the levels of his comedy, this connection maybe produced her love for all things film. When she was deciding what to do after secondary school, a friend who was studying at FAMU told her that the best department there was the documentary one, so she tried it there. She was successful the third time, having already worked as a production assistant, set designer and location manager in New York and Prague. Several stormy and creative years of study followed which saw Linda directing several short films for Czech television. From then on, she has made documentaries in all their various forms - from personal portraits, films about animal rights, politics, journalism to human rights. Recently she has lead several documentary workshops, for example in Cimelice or on the Thai-Burmese border. Other than film, she loves mountains, winter and summer. She is crazy for ski alpinism, mountain biking and running. In the spring of 2009 she started to think about stopping making films for a while, then she came across Vodafone's A Year Differently project, went for a beer with the girls from Inventura and ... for the first time in her life let herself be employed and is looking forward to it!

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